Slurry Seal Services

Boswell Asphalt Paving Solutions Inc. is the go-to micro surfacing contractor in Idaho and also offers a wide range of pavement repair services in the Meridian, Idaho area, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. We specialize in micro-surfacing II and III and types I, II, and III slurry. Our microsurface/type slurry applications are designed with a certified mix design optimization application rate, ensuring maximum performance.

In addition to micro surfacing, we also offer slurry seal, asphalt repair, pavement repair, street repair, parking lot repair, and driveway repair services. Our team works hard to ensure that you get the right product for your specific needs, whether it’s for municipalities, commercial businesses, private subdivisions, or residential property owners.

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construction workers spreading asphalt slurry

Slurry Types
I, II, and III

Our slurry seal services include types I, II, and III, with aggregate sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 3/8″, and asphalt emulsion percentages ranging from 14% to 16%. We can apply multiple layers of slurry seal for improved durability and performance.

If you need any type of pavement repair, Boswell Asphalt Paving Solutions Inc. has got you covered. Our skilled team can handle any size of the project, from small parking lot repairs to large highway and interstate repairs.

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